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Belts: The Timeless Fashion Accessories

Belts, as one of the most favorable fashion accessories is acknowledged to everyone for looking smart with different outfits in any occasion.

Buckle up for a fast ride through all you should know about these classic masculine accessories.

Know about a Belt

Let’s start to explain what we’re talking about.

Parts of a Belt

A belt, one of the popular Fashion Accessories is a settling structure which goes about your waist by using the tension for holding up the pants of person. A string piece can be regarded as belt

On the whole the belts are entirely decorative

A belt, as one of the trendy Fashion Accessories can be for carrying things. Such as, “the Batman and his utility belt” or a fellow that chooses to hide carry.

Anatomy Of the Belt

Most of the belts, as essential Fashion Accessories, such as Belt Buckles, Belt Chains, Genuine Leather Belts, Hat & Glove Sets consists of two pieces: the strap and the Buckle. (The piece of string would just be a strap, but that’s outside the scope of this website.)

A number of belts are either a keeper loop or/and an ending tip. The end tip of the cloth belt is generally made of leather or metal. The last part of the tip defends the tip of the belt. It can also make it lighter to buckle. Doing this it’s fastened with buckle, the keeper sphere ends the free end waving around.

In some of the belts, both the buckle and the strap are permanently connected together. For others they can be disassembled and changed over.  The piece of the buckle which is attached to the strap is chape.

Types of Belt Buckle


The belts style is found on all the official belts, as well as also on the casual belts

  • Strap, Fashion Accessories the goes through frame
  • spike goes through the holes in the belt for fastening the belt


  • generally removable – corresponding with the snap belts with no buckles.
  • Plate of the belt, one of the part of Fashion Accessories is usually decorated – e.g. in cowboy and biker belts
  • Hook penetrates through the strap’s front
  • Throw that is the space extended from the chape to the hook, includes to the span of the belt


  • Hollow Box is metlic as well as open-ended
  • Strap post presses against inside part of the box
  • No require for the holes in strap


  • chiefly found in the women’s trend
  • A simple leather or synthetic frame – the belt, as Fashion Accessories threads through
  • Not so strong – but for ornamentation only


  • It’s a ratchet-style path method that involves a unique strap type.
  • It’s a folded metal piece presses the hard bone like system of track into the strap on one side
  • Not necessary for the holes of the belt and adjusted within in a minute.


  • ‘Male’ and ‘female’ ends catch together that replicate seat-belt
  • Very informal but useful, often initiated in outdoor quest gear
  • Not to be mixed with snap-belts, as one of the wonderful Fashion Accessories


  • 1/2 rings structure the buckle
  • Belt, as one of the popular Fashion Accessories is fixed firmly with the thread through them
  • informal, used together with plaited, canvas and webbing belt.
  • The width of the Belt Strap
  1. 25 inches

Formal belts

This is for the smaller guys with under 34” waist

Belts intends for skinny jeans and tapering trousers

  1. 5 inches

Formal to informal

It goes very well with chinos, denim,and bigger fabrics

  1. 75 inches

Less common and extremely informal

Go well with jeans and informal trousers

go well with statement buckles, in addition to typical buckles

  • Materials of Belt Strap
  1. Leather

Cow and Calf

It is general frequent used leather for the belts, and comes out a few variant.

Full-grain leather is one the fine looking and the most durable, the calfskin on the other hand is the softest and most flexible. The top worth official belts, one of the nice Fashion Accessories, like Belts, Hat & Glove Sets, Scarf, Hats & Caps, Ties & Accessories will be full grain calfskin.

Exotic Leathers

Ostrich, lizard, crocodile, and alligator are all technically casual, however may work as formal in a murky color.

Lizard, and especially crocodile and alligator belts, are still more upscale and have a finer outline and feel.

Other Materials

The casual material of Leather-backed ribbon lets you to excel with brilliant colors and gallant pattern, and frequently is balancing with a edge buckle. Leatherback ribbon belts, the Fashion Accessories go entirely with golf, sailing, and boat shoes.

Faux leather made with polyurethane fabric backing is resilient and low safeguarding, as well as the top faux leathers that looks sensible, even though they don’t build up the same shine as like leather. On the other hand, cheap fake leather looks cheap and fake.

Casual Belt or Formal?

As with the shoes, casual belts and the dress belts are also there to overlap amid the two types of styles. Dress belts, another Fashion Accessories is the Dress belts,  goes well with formal suits and company clothes. Casual belts can be put on with no matter which down to the jeans and the shorts.